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Bob Korth

When my husband Bob lost his job after 36 years, our world turned upside down. When he was diagnosed with kidney cancer after only a few months on unemployment, one of his biggest fears was that our family would be bankrupt. For most of our marriage we had depended on his income.

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Josie Shuler

The long-term prognosis for Josie Shuler wasn’t promising. Doctors told her that most people with the type of Stage 4, triple negative breast cancer that she had usually don’t live beyond eight months following diagnosis. What they didn’t know was that Josie Shuler wasn’t like most people.

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Emily Damon

I am a: wife, mother, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, close friend, co-worker, associate, volunteer, teacher, chef, taxi driver, counselor, housekeeper, gardener….. the glue of our family. I am also a cancer survivor, as is my family. We were diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago and we are still living with it.

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