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Josie Shuler

The long-term prognosis for Josie Shuler wasn’t promising. Doctors told her that most people with the type of Stage 4, triple negative breast cancer that she had usually don’t live beyond eight months following diagnosis. What they didn’t know was that Josie Shuler wasn’t like most people.

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Emily Damon

I am a: wife, mother, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, close friend, co-worker, associate, volunteer, teacher, chef, taxi driver, counselor, housekeeper, gardener….. the glue of our family. I am also a cancer survivor, as is my family. We were diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago and we are still living with it.

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Pam Payne

Randy and Pam became married in February of 1992; they started their marriage overseas in Spain, where Randy was in the military. Their son, Jared, was born in Spain in 1994. In 1995, the Payne family was transferred to Maryland; they remained there until Randy’s release from the military in 1998. Pam and Randy, graduates of Fairfield and Princeton high schools respectively, decided to return home to the Cincinnati area to be closer to family. After the birth of their daughter Andrea in 1998, the family moved to a home in the Fairfield area. Randy has worked for Hamilton County as a Network Administrator since release from the military; Pam has worked for Agape Children’s Center in Forest Park. Jared will be starting his senior year of high school this year and plans to pursue college after graduation. Andrea will be in middle school in the upcoming school year.

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