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JoAnn McCarthy

My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer in March 2016. Our world as we knew it will never be the same.

My husband was declared disabled immediately. He worked for a small, family owned business that had no benefits. We had no savings, 401K, etc as I had been laid off twice in 2 years. We were still recovering from that. My salary alone was not enough to pay our expenses. We never needed assistance before and were unsure how to go about asking for it.

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Perfecto Kateule

The impact of cancer on the family are many and can be overwhelming especially if the cancer directly affects the bread winner or head of the household.

When I was diagnosed of colorectal cancer in July last year, my entire world crumbled – almost came to a standstill, like everything stopped moving. I was in shock, the level of depression deepened. I was just looking forward to celebrate my 43rd birthday last November and I wondered how on earth i could be diagnosed with cancer at this age. Why me? is just but one of the many questions that kept ringing in my head, sadly I could not find any suitable answers then and now.

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Bob Korth

When my husband Bob lost his job after 36 years, our world turned upside down. When he was diagnosed with kidney cancer after only a few months on unemployment, one of his biggest fears was that our family would be bankrupt. For most of our marriage we had depended on his income.

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