Within the past two months, Helping Hands has helped four of my patients with their energy and rent bills. All four of these patients are receiving treatment for Cancer and have had to take off work for said treatments. One of our Patients would not have gone through with his surgery if it had not been for funding provided by Helping Hands. All of these patient expressed how much stress this is taking off of their shoulders. The process to apply is simple and stress free for Patients and despite Helping Hands helping so many, they are prompt and helpful. I cannot express how grateful I am for this organization and what it does for our Patients. THANK YOU!

Helping Hands saved my family from losing everything.


T.D. is a 61-year-old male diagnosed with Myeloma with several comorbidities that impacted his ability to perform job duties. T.D. lives with his significant other and was the primary provider prior to his diagnosis. T.D. and his significant other were at risk of homelessness due to his inability to work when starting treatment and awaiting Social Security approval. With the assistance of Helping Hands, they were able to maintain safe affordable housing while patient began his life saving treatment. T.D. would have been forced to return to work and forgo treatment if they would have not received the help to pay their rent and utility bill.

I would of have been evicted without the help.


A.T. is a 60-year-old female diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer. Ms. Thomas is single and financially support herself. Ms. Thomas was receiving Social Security Benefits but was working part-time to pay for monthly household expenses (rent, utility, food, and personal items) until she started to develop new diffuse brain metastases. As a result, she began to experience debilitating neurological issues that hindered her ability to continue working part-time. Assistance from Helping Hands allowed her to maintain her current housing with utilities until her rent was adjusted accordingly and applied for PIPP (for electric bill).

I became acquainted with your group last fall through the contact of the financial navigator at OHC. At the time, I was struggling with the financial strain of my cancer battle. Though it is a battle, I have been amazed and relieved by kind people such as HHC and their much-appreciated supporters!

Cancer blindsided me in Feb 2020 and immediately knocked me out of the workforce. Doctor visits and scans, strong meds and weird side effects. Will I have a good day today … or will vomiting dominate the day? And into that uncertainty stepped Helping Hands, and by the grace of God, and getting the upper hand in my battle, I hope to one day return the favor and be a supporter of HHC -as you are!