JoAnn McCarthy

My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer in March 2016. Our world as we knew it will never be the same.

My husband was declared disabled immediately. He worked for a small, family owned business that had no benefits. We had no savings, 401K, etc as I had been laid off twice in 2 years. We were still recovering from that. My salary alone was not enough to pay our expenses. We never needed assistance before and were unsure how to go about asking for it.

Our social worker from the hospital suggested applying to Helping Hands. I worked with Erin and she was wonderful! Always upbeat, always ready to help. I think what I remember most is, after processing the bills I sent her, I told her how much peace of mind she had given us she replied, “That’s the point!  One less thing!  It is very much our pleasure!”

We could not have made it without Helping Hands. They paid the expenses we couldn’t. This is truly an amazing organization.

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Perfecto Kateule

The impact of cancer on the family are many and can be overwhelming especially if the cancer directly affects the bread winner or head of the household.

When I was diagnosed of colorectal cancer in July last year, my entire world crumbled – almost came to a standstill, like everything stopped moving. I was in shock, the level of depression deepened. I was just looking forward to celebrate my 43rd birthday last November and I wondered how on earth i could be diagnosed with cancer at this age. Why me? is just but one of the many questions that kept ringing in my head, sadly I could not find any suitable answers then and now.

I started chemotherapy and radiation therapy about September 2015 and the obvious happened. I became so weak that I had to stop going to work, which meant no pay check but more bills. Paying for my rentals and other bills soon became a major problem for me. However, through my social worker at Christ Hospital in cincinnati a miracle happened when one day she broke the news that a charity was willing to help me out with payment for my rentals.

I met Alicia from Helping Hands (who i must say was very, very welcoming and helpful) for a brief interview. When she promised and assured me that helping hands was going to help, I was speechless.

Your help could not have come at better time than when I was on the down low both mentally and physically. While I have been going through such a difficult time, Helping Hands has not only helped me financially but mentally too. You have made me believe that there are still good people out there who are willing and ready to assist others in great need. I have been out of employment for almost a year now, my financial needs are many but your great help has helped me to make it through my cancer treatment. (Please do not shut your doors on me).

Words can not express how grateful I’m to Alicia and Helping Hands for the assistance i have received so far. May the almighty God richly bless you helping hands forever.


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